As tech architect for this unique e-commerce delivery network, Patteson will build their vision for best-in-class innovation and flexibility in the last mile.


DALLAS — The FRONTdoor Collective, a unique nationwide network of partners dedicated to providing best-in-class delivery experiences in the first mile and the last mile for e-commerce, today announces the hiring of Chris “Cpat” Patteson as their Chief Technology Officer and Chief Information Security Officer.

Patteson specializes in driving digital transformations that empower businesses to grow and scale. Patteson has helped companies, large and small, address complex issues across the technology, manufacturing, and logistics sectors for more than 25 years. For over a decade he worked at FedEx in various roles, including Director of IT – Transaction Risk, Countermeasures, and Intelligence; and Managing Director of Security: Data Research and Analysis.

“It is no secret that no matter what you call it — last mile, first mile, pickup and delivery, micro mile — the operations surrounding these segments have not taken full advantage of all the available advances in technology. I am excited to be leading the team to do just that and to support the best operations in the e-commerce shipping business,” Patteson said.

“The keys,” Patteson continued, “are an architecture that is flexible enough to evolve as the capabilities do, to pivot with the needs of our partners, and to integrate quickly and smoothly with customers.

“Bringing the next generation of technology to the members of the FRONTdoor Collective will allow them to continue providing the brand’s proven superior level of service.”

“After an exhaustive search, we have found our technology leader with a history of rolling out products that are innovative and user-friendly. We have so much momentum and development underway to deliver for our future.  Chris is a firm believer in our core values and we are excited to have him join our team to accelerate our growth,” said Dan Bourgault, CEO and co-founder.

About the FRONTdoor Collective

The FRONTdoor Collective (FDC) is a growing network of the nation’s best and most experienced delivery partners specializing in eCommerce transportation: First Mile and Final Mile. The FDC aggregates underutilized assets and brings them to market with consistent operating standards, one commercial relationship, and the flexibility to consistently and safely deliver remarkable customer experiences in most major U.S. cities with the speed, agility, and customer service of a local provider. The FDC treats every package as if it were going to their own FRONTdoor! For more information, visit



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