The FRONTdoor Collective Raises $7.5M in Funding for Technology and Operations Buildout

Investment from GLP Capital Partners will help the emerging last-mile delivery network provide its drivers with the latest tools and platforms needed to ensure best-in-class delivery, tracking, routing and communication.

DALLAS — The FRONTdoor Collective (FDC), a connected network of franchise partners known as FDPs, today announced it has raised $7.5 million in funding from GLP Capital Partners (GCP). The investment will help drive the FDC’s continuing maturation of its driver-centric IT infrastructure and team.

“This fuels our ongoing commitment to create cutting edge technology focused around drivers,” COO C.J. Horist said. “Drivers are our champions. They need and deserve the best tools and platforms to ensure best-in-class delivery, safety, tracking, routing, and communication.”

CDO Kelly Pickering said the funding will also help the FDC build out its franchise development and operations teams as the organization grows. The FDC currently reaches a vast majority of the homes and businesses throughout the US and Canada, with Regional Ambassadors in those countries as well as the European Union and United Kingdom. 

Launched in August,  the FDC will serve e-commerce shippers who have gaps in capacity for Peak 2021 and will scale to an integrated ecosystem benefitting shippers, consignees, small to medium entrepreneurs and drivers in 2022 and beyond.

“Last-mile delivery is one of the most critical elements necessary for success in today’s rapidly evolving e-commerce and retail environment, yet the existing solutions cannot meet the demand and do not deliver reliable results. We believe FRONTdoor’s national footprint and dedication to its drivers, customers and consumers will raise the standard for last-mile delivery,” said Alan Yang, CEO of GCP.

“GCP is a great strategic advisor. They are a major player in this space, having already invested in multiple companies to modernize the supply chain,” said Dan Bourgault, co-founder and CEO of the FDC. “They see how nicely the FRONTdoor Collective fits into their portfolio of expertise and connections. The FDC is an organization built for partners by partners. The relationship with GCP will return value to each and every one of our FDC drivers and franchise owners.”

About the FRONTdoor Collective

The FRONTdoor Collective (FDC) has created the first micro-last mile delivery network with the capacity to cover a vast majority of residences and businesses in the U.S. and Canada. The collective experience of employees from  FedEx, Walmart, Instacart, XPO, Amazon and the U.S. military built the FDC to solve the fundamental challenges in last-mile delivery — safety, costs, capacity, timeliness, and flexibility. The FDC treats every package as if it were going to their own FRONTdoors! For more information, visit

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